DeepScale, Inc. is a fast growing start-up in the Advanced Driving space, providing perceptual systems for Advanced Driver Assist Systems and Autonomous Vehicles. We pride ourselves on our highly collaborative, dynamic, respectful work environment.

We are seeking a full cycle recruiter and HR generalist to manage and develop our hiring effort, and assume and build HR functions as we scale. The Recruitment and HR Manager is a critical part of DeepScale Team as our success depends on our ability to attract top tier engineering talent in the near term and build highly skilled sales, marketing and executive teams as we grow.

Job description

Full cycle recruiting

  • Work collaboratively with the CEO and engineering team (or applicable supervisor/team) to manage full cycle recruiting and hiring
  • Prepare and post job ads
  • Manage applicant tracking, resume review, phone screen and in- person interview process
  • Guide and communicate with applicants through the application process
  • Refine and develop recruiting procedures, job descriptions and compensation plans in collaboration with company leadership

HR generalist

  • Oversee all HR related functions
  • Manage relationship with payroll, benefits and HR resources provider
  • Onboard and orient new hires
  • Oversee payroll and administer benefits
  • Establish HR systems, policies, procedures and documentation as needed
  • Work with department managers to establish a performance review system
  • Supervise implementation of employee lunch program
  • Oversee purchase and allocation of office furniture and equipment as well as facilities issues related to employee needs

Opportunities for advancement
Flexible work hours

Important Qualifications

  • Recruiting experience in high tech (prefer 4+ years)
  • Experience in HR administration (prefer 4+ years)
  • Experience with start-ups and/or rapidly growing small businesses
  • Experience laying HR groundwork
  • Ability to be flexible and work in a changing environment
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work collaboratively

Email your resume or CV to: