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Our Founders

Forrest Iandola

Forrest Iandola completed a PhD in EECS at UC Berkeley, where his research focused on deep neural networks. His best-known work includes deep learning infrastructure such as FireCaffe and deep models such as SqueezeNet and SqueezeDet. His advances in deep learning led to the founding of DeepScale, where he has been CEO since 2015.

Kurt Keutzer

Kurt Keutzer is an accomplished technology professional and researcher. After completing his PhD at Indiana University, Kurt worked at Bell Laboratories and served as CTO and SVP of Research at Synopsys. Since then, Kurt has served as a professor of EECS at UC Berkeley where he and his students have led pioneering research in machine learning, computer vision, speech recognition and, most recently, efficient deep neural networks. He has published more than 6 books and 200 refereed articles and has been an investor and advisor to dozens of startups.

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